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Left to right: Friendly ZoC, Enemy ZoC, Contested ZoC

Every unit or stack of combat units that have supply and at least 6 strength points extends a Zone of Control into the six surrounding hexes. Enemy units can move into but not through enemy or contested Zone of Control (ZoC) except under special circumstances.

Units or stacks that are out of supply, have 5 or fewer strength points or are mobile supply depots do not have a zone of control. Certain terrain features may also block zones of control - for instance armor cannot extend a ZoC onto a mountain but infantry can.

If a unit attempts to move through enemy Zone of Control it will be forced to stop. A unit can always move into enemy zone of control but cannot move between hexes with contested ZoC. Unless the ZoC is neutralized through other means (discussed below). The only exception to this rule is units advancing as a result of a successful Deliberate Assault.

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Units cannot move inside of contested ZOC. They must move out and then around.

Contested Zone of Control occurs when both sides extend a ZoC into the same hex. A Zone of Control lock happens when a unit attempts to move through an enemy or contested ZoC. This means that in order to move units around a front line they must be moved backwards and around as demonstrated in the on the right side of the page.

Exceptions to Zone of Control Lock Edit

  • Units advancing after a successful Deliberate Assault
  • A unit that is successfully pinned by artillery or airstrike loses its zone of control during the next impulse. (A unit pinned on impulse 2 loses its ZoC during impulse 3.)
  • A unit that is engaged in combat loses its zone of control during the battle. (A unit attacked on impulse 4 loses its zone of control during impulse 4.)

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The Zone of Control overlay can be toggled on or off at anytime by simply pressing its button at the top of the UI.

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