Summary Edit

Stacking points represent the amount of force that can effectively be placed in a single hex at any given time. All hexes have a stacking limit of 4 and the only exceptions to that rule are discussed in the overstacking section below.

Quick Stacking Reference Edit

  • Most Regiments stack for 2 points
  • Most Battalions stack for 1 point
  • Any unit with 8 or fewer strength points stacks at their strength level. (Ex. a company with 5 strength points stacks for 0.5 stacking points.)

This reference is by no means comprehensive but serves as a general rule of thumb. Always pay close attention to the stacking values of each of your units.

Overstacking Edit

Overstacking Ejection Edit

At the end of turn resolution hexes that contain more than 4 stacking points will eject excess stacking points into adjacent hexes. There are only two cases in which hexes can become overstacked.

Road Movement Edit

During turn resolution up to 6 stacking points may occupy the same hex on a road. This allows larger forces to move or attack down a road together and facilitates the movement of force through road hexes that are at the stacking limit but only during turn resolution. At the end of the turn the excess stacking points will automatically be ejected into adjacent hexes.

Deployment Hexes Edit

Deployment hexes where reinforcements come onto the map in some historical scenarios or where purchased units are deployed in custom scenarios may be stacked as high as a player desires. However at the end of the turn excess stacking points will be ejected into adjacent hexes. If there are 14 stacking points in a deployment hex then at the end of the turn 10 of those points will be ejected into neighboring hexes.

Exceptions to Ejection Edit

If for any reason a hex is unable to eject its excess stacking points (all adjacent hexes are at their stacking limit or zone of control locked) then the excess stacking points will not be ejected. However, since this would also mean that there is also no possible line of retreat if the overstacked hex is attacked and the units inside are forced to retreat they could suffer catostrophic additional casualties.

Notes Edit

Not all units fit perfectly into the quick stacking reference above. Some units - particularly artillery regiments stack for different numbers such as 1.1, 1.5, 1.8 depending on what attachments are inside the unit.

Battlegroups are an effective way to manage stacking points. Battlegroups can contain up to 3 stacking points worth of units but while combined into a Battlegroup they will only stack for 2 points. This is a potent and effective way to "condense" force.