Summary Edit

Retreat occurs when a defending unit is forced to withdraw from its hex by an attacking force. Retreat takes place immediately during the last phase of an individual combat the the Advance and Retreat phase. Retreating units obey all stacking and terrain limitations. Additionally, retreating units suffer extra cohesion loss and if there is no clear line of retreat they will also suffer heavy additional casualties.

Rallypoints Edit

By default units will attempt to withdraw towards the closest friendly hex worth victory points - usually a town or city. But if a rallypoint has been set then the unit will attempt to retreat towards the rallypoint instead. If retreating towards a rallypoint is impossible (for instance the enemy is occupying the rallypoint) then the unit will revert to a victory point based destination.

When Retreat Impossible Edit


Because the British Motorized Brigade at the center is completely encircled by contested zones of control it will be unable to retreat.

Retreat is impossible when:

  • Completely surrounded by enemy units.
  • Completely surrounded by contested zone of control.
  • Line of retreat is blocked by fully stacked hexes.
  • Line of retreat is blocked by impassible terrain.

If for one of the above reasons a unit is forced to retreat but is unable to then it will take significant extra casualties