Summary Edit

The Rest and Refit order is one of the most important orders in CAOS. It serves two purposes, to rapidly regenerate lost cohesion and more importantly to allow the player to replace lost strength points. The Rest and Refit order can be executed anywhere - even in enemy zone of control, though a unit executing a Rest and Refit order will defend at half combat value if attacked. Additionally, units executing a Rest and Refit order stack at half value. Thus a unit that usually stacks for 2 points would only stack for one.


Units executing a Rest and Refit order may take replacements so long as the proper type is available.

Replacing lost strength Edit

Units that have been given a Rest and Refit order can replace lost strength points so long as the appropriate replacement points are available within their command hierarchy. All units draw from their immediate parent's replacement pool, so a Regiment will draw from its Brigade or Divisional Headquarters in most cases. Divisions draw from Corps Headquarters and so on.

Formations can replace as many lost points per turn as they have attachments. So a formation with 7 attachments could replace 7 lost strength points in one turn while a unit with only 1 attachment can only replace 1 at a time.

Limitations of Replacement Edit

Units in battlegroups can only take replacements if the battlegroup is eligible for integrity and thus has a parent unit. Battlegroups formed from units with different parents cannot take replacements because they do not have a parent unit to draw from.

Units can never replace more strength points than their max strength. So a unit with max strength of 7 can never have more than 7 strength points.

Details Edit

Advantages of Rest and Refit Edit

  • Allows units to draw replacements for lost strength points.
  • Rapidly regenerates lost cohesion.
  • Units in Rest and Refit stack at half value.

Disadvantages of Rest and Refit Edit

  • Defends at half strength.
  • If a Resting and Refitting unit takes a replacement then it will not be able to move that turn.