Summary Edit


Probing Attacks allow a commander to attack a particular point in the enemy defensive line from as many directions as they desire. Without fear of accidentally attacking other adjacent stacks of enemy forces. Probing Attacks are arguably the most frequently used attack order in CAOS.

Fine Details Edit

Probing Attacks will only ever attack the hex that they are targeted on. Unlike a Deliberate Assault there is no risk of attacking additional hexes with a Probing Attack. However there are three disadvantages of the Probing Attack. It CANNOT advance after combat if it is locked in an enemy zone of control. It does not benefit from an automatic combat bonus like the Deliberate Assault and it cannot attack multiple hexes in one turn.

Advantages of the Probing Attack: Edit

  • Safest form of attack.
  • Allows encircles or partially enveloped units to attack weak spots around them.
  • Can be used to gradually disassemble enemy defensive positions by attacking stacks one at a time with overwhelming force.

Disadvantages of the Probing Attack: Edit

  • Cannot advance through locked zones of control.
  • Does not benefit from an automatic combat bonus.
  • Cannot attack multiple hexes in one turn.

    Probing Attacks will only attack the targeted hex. They will not attack adjacent hexes like Deliberate Assaults.