Morale in CAOS represents a unit's mixture of training, combat experience and willingness to fight. There are 8 different morale levels in CAOS from the worst untrained units to the best elite units.

Changing Morale Edit

Currently units in CAOS do not gain or lose morale during the game. In scenarios where units can be purchased, their morale level can be adjusted up or down in the requisition screen. But once a unit is placed on the map its morale level will remain the same until it is destroyed or the game ends. Units with lower morale are cheaper while units with higher morale are more expensive.

Effects of Morale Edit


The 901st Panzergrenadier Regiment. Elite morale on the left, Experienced morale center and Untrained on the right.

The higher the morale of a unit the more effectively it performs in all tasks. High morale units regain cohesion faster, lose less cohesion from expending OPC points, fight harder and are more effective engineers. While low morale units regain cohesion more slowly, lose more cohesion from expending OPC points, fight less effectively and are less effective engineers.

Morale Effects at a Glance Edit

  • Elite (+30%)
  • Crack (+20%)
  • Veteran (+10%)
  • Experienced (+0%)
  • Trained (-10%)
  • Recruit (-20%)
  • Conscript (-30%)
  • Untrained (-40%)

High morale, especially Elite units fight harder and longer. take noticeably lower cohesion loss from movement and combat and remain effective fighting forces far longer than their lesser brethren. But even so, an army consisting entirely of a handful of high morale units can be outmaneuvered and overwhelmed by a numerically superior force of less qualified personnel.