Mobile Warfare Edit

Mobile Warfare scenarios are the primary meeting engagement battles in CAOS. Each side possesses a deployment zone on the map border and fight for control over facilities that grant per-turn income. Most valuable facilities are cities though towns may be valuable as well depending upon the map. The side that controls the majority of significant facilities at the end of the game wins. Each facility's point value can be checked by hovering the cursor over it while in the Facilities Overlay. Total per-turn income can be checked in the Intel report.

Playstyle: Edit

Mobile Warfare scenarios create are the most unpredictable in CAOS. As the battle unfolds, both sides will have many opportunities to seize the initiative and gain the upper hand. To win a player must balance aggressive maneuvers to seize facilities early and manage their forces wisely to avoid hostile encirclements. Gamble, but gamble wisely. Good reconnaissance can make or break your chances of victory, beware of flanking maneuvers and dare to be aggressive.