Summary Edit

Movement and combat are resolved by the game server as a series of movement and combat impulses. Units belonging to all players move simultaneously and the results of each impulse are applied immediately. Each battle fought is marked on the map and a combat report is generated. Combat reports and the replay function permits you to see the results of turn resolution impulse by impulse.

Impulses Edit

In total there are 10 impulses in a turn in CAOS from 0 to 9. Though most orders can only be given for impulses 1-9. Impulses can be considered to be analogous to time of day with Impulse 0 being at dawn and Impulse 9 at dusk.


Orders can be issued on impulses 1-9. Numbers inside the hexes represent the estimated impulse of arrival for the selected stack of units.

Impulse 0 Edit

Impulse 0 is considered to occur before turn resolution begins. Air Missions, Naval Invasions and Reinforcement Arrival all happen on impulse 0 before any combat or movement orders have been processed.

Impulses 1-9 Edit

Virtually all combat and movement takes place between impulses 1 and 9.

Within any impulse orders will be carried out in the order of:

  1. Movement
  2. Artillery Fire Missions
  3. Hasty Assaults
  4. Probing Attacks
  5. Deliberate Assaults

Impulses in Combat Edit

If a unit is given a combat order to attack a hex on impulse 4 but is delayed and only arrives at the target on impulse 6 then it will attack on impulse 6. Other units involved in the combat will not wait for it to arrive and will attack on the impulse that they arrive. Wise commanders should take special care to insure that all units involved in an attack will actually be able to arrive in time to join the attack. If this is not possible then consider postponing an attack until a later impulse or assessing other options.

Rule of Adjacency Edit

When a unit starts its turn adjacent to an enemy unit an attack can be ordered immediately on impulse 1 even if they cannot normally move into the target hex until a later impulse. For example an infantry unit that starts its turn adjacent to an enemy controlled mountain can attack on impulse 1 and if the defending unit is dislodged then the attacker will occupy the hex on that same impulse even though under normal movement conditions they would not be able to move onto the mountain until impulse 6.

Replay Mode Edit


Replay Mode allows a player to watch the outcome of the turn as it unfolded impulse by impulse on the server. It is incredibly useful for seeing how units moved and battles unfolded. It can be accessed at any time by clicking on the replay button in the top right side of the screen.