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Units that are entrenched in a Hold and Defend order have red crenelations over them on the map.

The Hold and Defend order allows a unit to prepare extra defenses. After being given a Hold and Defend order a unit will continue to execute the order until given a different command. On the first turn after the order is given the unit will gain a 10% defensive bonus, two turns after the order is given it will increase to 20%. The bonus can never exceed 20% no matter how long the unit has been in Hold and Defend. While building their entrenchments, units with Hold and Defend orders regenerate cohesion slightly slower. After their entrenchments are complete (and they have their +20% defensive bonus) they will regenerate cohesion like any other idle unit.

Units that are forced to retreat while executing a Hold and Defend order will maintain their order but lose their entrenchment bonus. They will immediately set about to executing the order in their new hex unless given a different order.

Details Edit

Advantages of Hold and Defend Edit

  • Provides up to a 20% defensive combat bonus.
  • Perfect Order to give units on the frontline with nothing else to do.

Disadvantages of Hold and Defend Edit

  • Reduces cohesion regeneration while entrenching.
  • Defensive bonus is lost when the unit executes a different order.