Historical Scenarios represent any scenario in CAOS where the order of battle (the units available) and objectives dictated by historical force strengths and goals. Players are not able to purchase new units in historical scenarios, though they may receive additional units on a fixed reinforcement schedule. There are two different forms of historical scenarios, campaigns and battles.

Campaigns Edit


An in-progress Operation Husky campaign.

Campaigns represent the longest and most challenging of the Historical Scenarios in CAOS. Campaigns involve vast numbers of units, complex objectives and long time frames (in excess of 40 turns.) Both sides start with historical formations and force strengths and any reinforcements they receive will be based upon historical reinforcement schedules. Furthermore, Strategic Movement is enabled in some campaigns to help units move across vast distances.

Operation Husky is currently the only campaign scenario available for play in CAOS as of Beta Build 2.9.2

Battles Edit

Battles form the bulk of historical scenarios in CAOS. Battles are shorter than campaigns and have more focused objectives. Generally, Battles are shorter scenarios (between 10 and 20 turns.) and both sides have focused objectives such as control over particular locations.

As of Beta version 2.9.2 there are five different battles available:

  • Gazala
  • First Alamein (Historical)
  • First Alamein (Simple)
  • Battle of the Bulge (Historical)
  • Battle of the Bulge (Simple)