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Hasty Assaults are the most mobile form of combat in CAOS. A Hasty Assault will attempt to attack EVERY hex along their path and if they collide with the enemy a unit carrying out a Hasty Assault order will attack on every impulse they can until the odds fall beneath 1 to 1, the enemy unit has been dislodged/destroyed or they run out of OPC (movement) points. This means that Hasty Assaults can often be used to break through a weak enemy flank and run on through into their rear area, enveloping front line units and attacking rear area reserves and vulnerable artillery. Or it can be used as a brute force method to annihilate enemy units that are trapped by your zone of control.

No other combat order in CAOS is as lethal as a the Hasty Assault but it is a double edged sword. A well planned Hasty Assault can be used to outmaneuver your opponent or inflict mass casualties on a particular hex (especially encircled positions) but it can also be a great gamble. Hasty Assaults are sometimes just as dangerous to their planners as they are to their victims -expect heavy casualties on both sides when employing a Hasty Assault and plan accordingly.

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Advantages of Hasty Assaults: Edit

  • Can be used to constantly attack a hex throughout the turn.
  • Can inflict massive defender casualties.
  • Can be used to stage blitzkrieg style breakthroughs by attacking all hexes in their path and envelope enemy forces in grand flanking maneuvers.
  • Hasty Assaults will NOT attack if the odds are below 1 to 1.

Disadvantages of Hasty Assaults: Edit

  • Does not benefit from an automatic combat bonus.
  • Can result in massive attacker casualties.
  • Cannot advance through locked zones of control.
  • Cannot benefit from artillery fire support or air support.