Force Recon Edit

Force Recon scenarios are fast paced battles over very specific objectives. The attacker will attempt to capture these positions and the defender will fight to hold them at all costs. Victory is decided by control of a specific location such as a citiy and/or entry/exit hex.

Playstyle Edit

Force Recon scenarios are similar to Offensives but are far more fast paced. Redfor attacks while Blufor defends. The attacker starts the game with a requisition point advantage and each side receives requisition points in waves on a fixed schedule. The attacker should focus on either advancing rapidly to crush the defending forces or focus on overpowering a small section of the defender's position to occupy the objective before defender reinforcements can arrive.

Defenders should make maximum use of defensive terrain, combined arms and defense in depth to slow down the attacker as long as possible and inflict casualties in a battle of attrition until reinforcements can arrive to stabilize the front.