Facility overlay turned on during the first turn of a Gazala scenario. Numerous minefields, towns, airfields and one are highlighted.

Facilities in CAOS range from man made terrain features such as cities and towns to defensive fortifications such as forts and minefields. Facilities are often worth victory points and depending upon the scenario controlling them may be required for victory.

Facilities Overlay Edit


The facilities overlay hilights all friendly controlled facilities in blue, neutral in green and enemy in red. While the facilities overlay is active hovering the cursor over a facility will display its victory point value. It can be activated at any time by pressing its button in the top left.

Infrastructure Facilities Edit

Ports Edit

Ports come in two sizes, major ports and minor ports. Ports are always supply dumps and may also double as locations from which reinforcements may enter the map.

Airfields Edit

In scenarios where airfields are present, capturing and controlling airfields will either increase a player's air zone - allowing them to effectively extend air superiority over a larger portion of the map or increase a player's available air points from turn to turn.

Combat Facilities Edit

Comprehensive Combat Facilities Reference Edit

Facility Type OPC Cost (Inf/Mech) Defensive Modifier Die Roll Modifier Bombardment Reduction
City N/A +200% N/A
Town N/A N/A -1.0 N/A
Fort N/A +200% N/A N/A
Enemy Minefield 9/14 +50% N/A N/A
Breached Enemy Minefield 3/6 +50% N/A N/A
Friendly Minefield 8/12 +50% N/A N/A
Breach Friendly Minefield 3/6 +50% N/A N/A

Cities Edit

In addition to providing defensive bonuses in combat, cities are also often valuable victory locations, some cities may also contain large supply dumps.

Towns Edit

Towns are numerous but often less relevant than cities. Defensively they modestly reduce defender casualties and in some scenarios towns may be valuable victory locations.

Forts Edit

Forts are powerful man-made defensive positions. Forts double the defensive combat value of any unit inside of them and reduce the effectiveness of incoming artillery barrage. In the future they may be available to be built by players but at the moment the feature is disabled for game balancing.

Minefields Edit

Minefields are a form of hex side terrain that can be built by engineers (though the feature is currently disabled). Minefields provide a defensive modifier and dramatically slow down movement across the hex side. Minefields inhibit both sides but minefields belonging to your team slow down friendly units less than enemy units. Minefields can be breached or completely cleared by engineers.