Summary Edit


Deliberate Assaults allow a commander to launch a massive simultaneous assault on an enemy defensive position. ALL enemy units adjacent to one of the units participating in the assault will be attacked so long as terrain does not block them.

For example, if an attacking player staged a Deliberate Assault on a hex from 3 different hexes on the same impulse then every enemy unit adjacent to each of the 3 attacking stacks would become involved in the combat.

Fine Details Edit

Advantages of Deliberate Assault: Edit

  • Can advance through locked zones of control.
  • Benefits from an automatic 20% close combat bonus.
  • Can be used to attack multiple hexes at once.

Disadvantages of Deliberate Assault: Edit

  • Attacks all adjacent enemy units. (This can be an advantage depending on the situation.)

    Deliberate Assaults will attack ALL enemy forces adjacent to ANY of the attacking stacks.