Cohesion represents a unit's organization. Cohesion is lost by expending OPC points through movement or combat and when strength points are lost in battle. A unit's cohesion can never exceed 100% and as a unit loses cohesion it also loses combat value. For instance, a unit at 30% cohesion would fight at 30% of its combat strength.

Checking Cohesion Edit

Cohesion can be checked by opening the unit card for any unit or formation. But the color coded bar at the bottom of the in game screen allows a player to view rough cohesion at a glance.

  • Green Bar = 100-67% Cohesion
  • Yellow Bar = 66-40% Cohesion
  • Red Bar = 39%-0% Cohesion

Cohesion Loss and Regeneration Edit

Cohesion is lost in two ways. When OPC points are expended from movement or combat and when strength points are lost in combat. When strength points are lost in combat cohesion is lost proportional to the percent of the unit that was destroyed. So if 1 strength point from a 3 strength point unit is destroyed then 33% of the unit's cohesion would be lost. All cohesion loss is modified by morale thus a high morale unit would suffer significantly less cohesion loss. Additionally, units take extra cohesion loss when forced to retreat.

Cohesion Regeneration Edit

Every turn that a unit is idle a small amount of cohesion is regenerated. This includes units that are sitting idly in a Hold and Defend order as well as those with no order at all. Units regain cohesion rapidly when given a Rest and Refit order - though while executing a Rest and Refit order the unit also defends at half strength. As with other orders, units with higher morale regenerate cohesion even faster in rest and refit.