Summary Edit

The Close Combat phase is when all the killing happens. The combat value of every unit involved in the combat is totaled and modified by combined arms, divisional integrity. The effect of all supporting artillery, naval and air assets are added and the result is modified by terrain before odds are calculated.

  1. Total Close Combat value of each side calculated.
  2. Total Close Combat modified by Morale, Cohesion.
  3. Total Close Combat modified by Divisional Integrity and Combined Arms
  4. Effects of Fire Support, Air Support and Naval Support added to Total Close Combat.
  5. Total Close Combat modified by terrain.
  6. Final Total Close Combat value of each side compared and odds calculated.
  7. Combat is executed, forces may take losses or retreat.

Fine Details Edit

Close Combat: Close Combat is the second phase of land combat. During this phase, the attacking and defending units total their respective total Close Combat value. This is done by calculating the aggregate close combat (CC) value of every strength point on each side as modified by morale and cohesion. The total close combat value is modified by divisional integrity and combined arms. After the total Close Combat value is calculated any friendly artillery fire support, naval fire support and close air support is added. Terrain modifiers are taken into account and the resulting number is the final total close combat value.

The attacking player’s total close combat value and the defending player’s total close combat value are now used to determine the odds for combat resolution. As a result of the close combat phase, one side or the other may be forced to retreat and both sides may lose strength points and cohesion. Strength points suppressed in the armored combat phase may be destroyed in the close combat phase just like everything else, although they may not contribute their combat value to it. 

Overrun Attacks Edit

Any attack where the odds are 12 to one or greater is considered to be an overrun attack. All defending units subject to overrun are automatically destroyed and the attacker suffers no losses at all. It is a shock and awe thing.