Summary Edit


BatG/KpfG buttons used to form Battlegroups.

Battlegroups perform numerous important roles in CAOS. Battlegroups are best described as composite superunits that can be constructed from parts of already existing formations. For instance an artillery battalion from Division A can be combined with an armor battalion from Division B and an infantry battalion from Division C into one battlegroup. Battlegroups are incredibly useful both offensively and defensively as well as a way to combine heavily damaged units into composite regiments in a last ditch effort to make them useful.

Kampfgruppes Edit

Redfor players will see a KpfG button in place of their BatG button at the bottom of their in game screen. Kampfgruppes are functionally identically to battlegroups and the terms may be used interchangeably.

Forming a Battlegroup Edit


Stack the units, select them and then press the BatG/KpfG button - hilighted here.

Battlegroups can contain up to 3 stacking points (roughly 3 battalion sized attachments). All units that will be included in the battlegroup must be present in the same hex at the same time. If any of the included units have attachments then those attachments will need to be detached

How to form a Battlegroup Edit

  1. Assemble the units you intend to place in the same hex.
  2. Make sure the units have no sub-attachments (if they do you will need to detach them).
  3. Select the units you want to place into the battlegroup and press the BatG/KpfG button in the lower right.
  4. Done - command the battlegroup like you would any other unit.

Battlegroup restrictions Edit

Battlegroups are not available to all nations in all scenarios. In Operation Husky for example the allies are not able to form battlegroups at all and the axis may only form them within special limitations.

Battlegroup tips Edit

Battlegroups have numerous uses but three stand out above the rest.

Combined Arms Battlegroups Edit

Battlegroups that include infantry, armor and artillery are potentially incredibly powerful because they insure combined arms without requiring the assistance of other units. This is incredibly important when executing aggressive hasty assault orders that cannot benefit from fire support.

Divisional Integrity Battlegroups Edit

Battlegroups formed entirely from units of the same division or brigade benefit from the +20% combat modifier of divisional integrity. For example, a tank battalion from a tank regiment of the US 2nd Armored Divsion battlegrouped with 2 mechanized infantry battalions from the same division would benefit from divisional integrity.

Battlegroup stacking Edit

Battlegroups can contain up to 3 stacking points worth of units inside of them, however if the sum stacking value of a battlegroups attachments is greater than 2 then the battlegroup will only stack for 2 points. Thus a battlegroup with 3 stacking points worth of units will still only stack for 2 points. This allows a player to use battlegroups to more effectively concentrate larger amounts of force. In short a battlegroup will never have a stacking value above 2.

Battlegroup Examples Edit