Armored combat can have a devastating impact on combat.

Armored combat is the first phase of land combat. This phase is mutual as it involves both attack and counterattack. The phase is completed in two steps. In the first Attack Step, offensive units with an anti-armor value will conduct and anti-armor attack upon defending units with an armored defense value. Thus this stage of combat is considered to take place as range and only involves units that possess an anti-armor value.

Details Edit

The anti-armor strength of all attacking units is totaled and modified by terrain, morale and cohesion to produce the total anti-armor strength. This number is compared with the total armored defense strength of all defending units. The result of this combat determines how many strength points with an armored defense value are disabled and unable to contribute their combat value to the Close Combat phase. The process is then reversed during the Counterattack Step. Defending units that have an anti-armor value will use their total anti-armor strength against the attackers.

Disabled Vehicles Edit

Tanks and vehicles (anything with an armor defense value) that are disabled during the Armored Combat phase cannot contribute their combat value to the Close Combat phase but they can be destroyed in it. In short, Anti-Armor combat does not destroy units, it renders them useless to their owner during close combat.